chapter  5
30 Pages

The changing face of strategy management in Vietnam

WithQuang Truong, Thiem Ton That Nguyen

This chapter identifies several prevailing problem areas that the government and business community should tackle in the face of globalization and integration. It discusses the country's continued efforts to adjust its strategies in response to new challenges. Vietnam is facing a strategic choice in the post-World Trade Organization period: will it be able to sustain the pace and methods of development that have been attributed to the economic and political stability of the country in the 2000s. The effects of the Doi Moi policy on the agricultural sector were tremendous as it transformed Vietnam, which faced chronic food shortages, from a net food importer to the world's second largest exporter of rice, coffee and pepper. In spite of remarkable achievements as a result of the reforms, Vietnam remains very much an agricultural-based economy, with an unbalanced structure. Quality improvement has become an imperative for balancing the competitiveness of Vietnamese products against other substitutes in global markets.