chapter  7
34 Pages

The changing face of public sector management in Vietnam

WithTruong Xuan Do, Quang Truong

This chapter provides an overview and highlights key issues of public administration, including the management of State-owned enterprises (SOE) in Vietnam. It highlights the key issues and developments in public administration in Vietnam. These issues include public administration reform (PAR), the regulatory framework, the management of civil servants, corruption and the reform of SOEs. The chapter describes the key issues of public management in Vietnam. In a dynamic and challenging context, Vietnam's public administration system must contribute more effectively to the country's transformation into an industrialized and modern state as it wishes to be by 2020. PAR is the theme by which changes in public management in Vietnam have been made since the late 1990s. The rapid economic growth in Vietnam has been on a par with the process of deep social and institutional transformation. The legal system of Vietnam is far from complete in order to function well under the new conditions.