chapter  8
30 Pages

The changing face of women managers in small and medium sized enterprises in Vietnam

WithAnne Vo, Charles Harvie

This chapter examines gender issues in the development of private sector small and medium sized enterprises (SME), with particular focus on analyzing the needs and constraints of women in SMEs. It presents key issues and new developments, along with the contextual and gender dimensions of the development of Vietnamese SMEs. The chapter focuses on the experiences of organizations and female entrepreneurs working in indigenous SMEs in Vietnam. It identifies the challenges for the advancement of women in SMEs at two levels: family and institutional. The chapter outlines, from a gender perspective, the cultural, social, legal and economic background of Vietnam. It discusses the impact of socioeconomic transformation on gender relations in Vietnam and gender dimensions in the development of Vietnamese SMEs. The chapter describes the importance of economic reform, initiated by Doi Moi, to the development of contemporary Vietnam. The participation of women in the labour market is very high in Vietnam.