chapter  3
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Corporate Reputation and the News Media in Finland


For several reasons Finland makes an interesting case study through which to study the news media’s role in the creation of public images and opinions (Carroll & McCombs, 2003). First, the news media in Finland is dominated by one major newspaper (cf. Ainamo, 2003), and one may ask whether there is a consensus in public opinion due to this homogeneity (for opposing views, see Moring, 2005). Second, Finland is a relatively small country (5 million inhabitants) for both business and media, and it could be speculated that the news media’s effects are less visible than in larger countries (where diffusion of news occurs directly via social contact). Third, Finland has been a breeding ground for cutting-edge innovations and successful companies or communities, which could guide both the fi eld of journalism and the media in Finland in general toward increased internationalization as global media outlets balance the agenda-setting capabilities of national outlets. Finally, Finland’s long tradition of democracy and its active membership in the European Union provide potential for business news to fl ow from the country, not merely into it.