chapter  2
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Educating Boys and Men about Substance Abuse and the Developing Brain

Psychoeducation is an approach that is often used in substance abuse treatment (Valesquez, Maurer, Crouch, & DiClemente, 2001) to teach relevant information related to the counseling process. The information may be primarily content-laden, for instance focusing on the biopsychosocial eff ects of substances on individual and families, or a combination of content and process, such as teaching content related to relapse, stress, and relationships and then practicing relapse prevention skills, relaxation techniques, and social skills training, respectively. This didactic approach may include experiential exercises, such as role plays or demonstrations that help to reinforce new ways of thinking and behaving. In the initial phases of the counseling process, psychoeduca-

tion may be primarily focused on engaging clients’ refl ective processes, raising awareness, and trying to instill hope for change.