chapter  12
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Trans and Non-Monogamies


This chapter explores the various ways in which trans and non-monogamies intersect and will investigate some of the reasons for this. There has been little research that focuses directly on the overlap between trans and non-monogamies, however, Easton & Liszt (1997) list transgender as an ‘ancestor and antecedent’ to non-monogamy (p. 51) and Queen & Schimel’s (1997) book titled PoMoSexuals has a number of chapters that contain some theoretical and anecdotal intersections between trans and non-monogamy. In addition, my own research has revealed what may be considered a high proportion of people who identifi ed as both trans and non-monogamous (and were willing to respond), although of course this could be simply an artefact of the collection method.