chapter  13
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‘Many Partners, Many Friends’: Gay and Bisexual Mormon Men’s Views of Non-Monogamous Relationships


Very often, people associate non-monogamy with casual and anonymous sex (Johnson and Keren, 1996), infi delity, bohemian lifestyles, and instability in love relationships (Klesse, 2006a; Haritaworn, Lin, and Klesse, 2006; Willey, 2006). This is particularly the case with gay relationships (Shernoff, 2006). This is due to the ‘mono-normativity’ (as in Pieper and Bauer, 2005) and ‘heterocentric’ views (Johnson and Keren, 1996: 408) which have developed and congealed over the millennia, particularly since the appearance of Christianity (Cairncross, 1974; Haritaworn, Lin, and Klesse, 2006) and the emergence of ‘pseudo-monogamy’ among humans (Ravasini, 1939). However, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (aka LDS or The Mormon Church), defying any orthodox Christian tradition, has in the past practiced polygamous marriages. Non-monogamy is, therefore, not exclusive to certain Asian, African or Islamic cultures as many people may think (Willey, 2006).