chapter  15
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Asexual Relationships: What Does Asexuality Have to Do with Polyamory?


Popular understandings about polyamories and non-monogamies largely focus on sex and sexual intimacy.1 Yet, to what extent do these ideas need to necessarily accompany each other? What might a discussion of polyamory look like without a focus on sexual behaviors? An investigation of asexual identities reveals new possibilities for conceptualizing polyamories and non-monogamies. In this chapter I provide a brief description of the intersections of asexual identity and polyamory, an under-represented topic in academic literature. This chapter contributes to a burgeoning fi eld of scholarship on polyamories through a description of how individuals with asexual identities inform understandings of polyamory and monogamy, opening up space to consider the intricacies of relationships.