chapter  18
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‘To Pass, Border or Pollute’: Polyfamilies Go to School


Pina is a 16-year-old protagonist in my novel who discovers her Mum is in a polyamorous relationship with her Dad and ‘family friend’ Nathan. One of the many dilemmas that arises is what Pina is to tell her schoolfriends and teachers. Although fi ctional, Pina and many of the other characters in my novel are based on research participants in my work with polyfamilies. Although there is a growing body of work and research addressing gay and lesbian families, single parent families and other forms of ‘family diversity’ in relation to schools, multi-partnered families or polyamorous families such as Pina’s are still being silenced in our schools as they fall between the polarities of normative heterosexual monogamous marriages and the increasing attention to same-sex families (Pallotta-Chiarolli, 1995; 2002; 2006; forthcoming a & b; Pallotta-Chiarolli & Lubowitz, 2003; Riggs, Chapter 19, this volume).