chapter  1
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International social work and international social policy

The first part of this chapter places social work in the broader framework of international social work and social policy. In the first section we explain what ‘international social work’ is. It has developed from a rather precise and specified area – working in international agencies – to a much broader concept. International social work and international social policy are both part of the globalization process. The second part of this chapter concentrates on the so-called regionalization in Europe, the process to strengthen co-operation between nation states in a certain region. The strongest and most striking regionalization process is the creation and enlargement of the European Union. A second regionalization is found in the Council of Europe embracing all European countries. A third regionalization used to be the Soviet bloc. However, nowadays, the Russian Federation is regarded more as a nation state and not a regional co-operation of independent countries. An important impact on the field of higher education, and therefore essential for social work, has been the Bologna Declaration in 1999.