chapter  7
Multiple approaches to understanding
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Harvard professor Howard Gardner is known worldwide for his infl uential theory of “multiple intelligences,” which was fi rst put forward in 1983 and was later elaborated and expanded in several writings. As intelligence may be understood as the capacity or potential to learn in various connections, Gardner’s work has also been an important contribution to learning theory and is therefore taken up in this volume – though Gardner is not primarily regarded as a learning theorist. The following text is the second half of a chapter which was originally published in C.M. Reigeluth (ed.) Instructional-Design Theories and Models: A New Paradigm of Instructional Theory, Volume 2 (pp. 69-89) and is here reprinted with permission from Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Gardner has himself chosen this text for the present book because it deals with his view and understanding on learning and education in extension of his work on multiple intelligences.