chapter  12
Experience, pedagogy, and social practices
Pages 15

In international learning and educational theory, British-Australian philosopher and educator Robin Usher has a clear position as the fi rst spokesman of the postmodern approach, strongly inspired by Michel Foucault and other French postmodernists. Since the late 1990s, Usher has been the Research Director of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Before that he was a Reader at the University of Southampton, and in 1997, together with his colleagues Ian Bryant and Rennie Johnston, he published what may be regarded as his most signifi cant book, entitled Adult Education and the Postmodern Challenge: Learning Beyond the Limits. The following chapter, of which Usher is the main author, is an abridged version of the last part of chapter 5 of that book, describing what Usher and his co-authors understand as the four postmodern modes of learning and practice as seen in relation to adult education.