chapter  2
Learning to be a person in society: Learning to be me
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Briton Peter Jarvis is today one of the best-known fi gures of international learning research. He was trained as both a theologian and a sociologist, but only later did he take up the topic of learning theory, primarily in relation to adult education. However, since the late 1980s Jarvis has been extremely productive in these areas, and since 2006 he has worked out a trilogy, Lifelong Learning and the Learning Society, summing up his extensive understandings of learning. He has also for many years been the chief editor of the well-reputed International Journal of Lifelong Education. The following chapter stems, like the previous one, from the one-day conference on learning theory in Copenhagen in 2006. At the same time it presents the main ideas of the fi rst volume of the mentioned trilogy: Towards a Comprehensive Theory of Human Learning. His presentation is here published internationally for the fi rst time.