chapter  8
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Crossing and Transforming Occupational and Household Gendered Divisions of Labor: Reviewing Literatures and Deconstructing Differences

In this chapter, I review and critique social research which explores micro-practices of gender transgressions and macro-level transformations of occupational and household divisions of labor. Today, “crossing over,” even blurring of hegemonic gendered occupational and relational boundaries occurs more frequently. Yet, it remains a problematic and complex social phenomenon even in the 21st century, particularly with respect to highly sex-typed forms of paid and unpaid work. This review of literatures examines occupational gender crossing and sex segregation studies as well as parallel research on gender violations and/or sex segregation in the division of household labor and marital breadwinning. Literature fi ndings are organized around three discursive fi elds: sexuality, skill and competence, and inequality. Finally, a critique is offered of the centrality of micro-practices in reproducing sex-segregation, heteronormative and patriarchical bias embedded in these bodies of research as well as related lessons for social change. An intradisciplinary agenda is also discussed for scholarship with respect to work, family, and difference.