chapter  13
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Applying the Kestenberg Movement Prole in Dance/Movement erapy: An Introduction


Tension-Flow Attributes Tension-ow is a manifestation of animate muscle elasticity. Bound ow is a restraining movement pattern that occurs when agonist and antagonist muscles contract simultaneously. Free ow is a releasing movement that occurs when a contraction of the agonist muscles is not counteracted by the antagonists. Neutral ow refers to a limited range of ow observed in limpness, de-animation, or numbing; neutral ow increases as a function of constricted aective state or compromised health. Tension-ow can also be classied in terms of its attributes (or intensity factors), which describe tension changes along three dimensions: even or adjusting, high or low intensity, abrupt or gradual. Tension-ow attributes (TFA) pertain to ghting or indulging patterns of arousal and quiescence. Preferences in TFAs are present from birth (and even before); they show increasing stability as the individual matures, inuenced by both developmental factors and individual temperament. Although tension-ow patterns are meaningfully evident

throughout life, they tend to become subordinated over time, especially in purposeful actions, to more advanced movement factors.