chapter  7
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Machismo and the Construction of Immigrant Latin American Masculinities


While a growing number of North American authors have researched Latin American men and masculinities within Latin America as well as the experiences of Latin American men migrating to the United States, there has been little research on the specifi c issues facing Latin American men in Australia. In this chapter we explore the experiences in Australia of a variety of male migrants from Latin America through three key elements which emerged through our research: the importance of men as ‘providers’ for the family and the place in men’s sense of self; the changing nature of men’s and women’s roles and statuses in Australian society and their difference from Latin America; and the shifting nature of what constitutes ‘home’ and a sense of belonging for Latin American men. In addressing the issues that the men face, we also examine the nature of the discourses on machismo and the almost fetishised nature of its oversimplifi ed usage in relation to Latin American men generally and in defi ning their identities in Australia.