chapter  10
'I'll Be There For You'
The Impact of Northumbria 'Friends' on Recruitment and Retention
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This chapter describes the implementation of Northumbria University's offand online support programme for applicants. It offers them access to current student 'friends' who are trained to provide information and advice to potential applicants and to encourage applicants to ask relevant questions about all aspects of university life. The chapter describes one aspect of the repositioning that was aimed at supporting improvements in applications, enrolment and retention of students. It focuses specifically on one programme that has been put in place as part of that wider strategy to support applicants and potential applicants through their decision-making process. The chapter aims to engender a sense of ownership and belonging to Northumbria by ensuring prospective students were fully informed and enabled to make clear decisions. While 'Friends' is just one component of a much bigger programme of wellbeing support, it shows real potential for improving both quantitative and qualitative outcomes.