chapter  14
Second Chances for Students
The Fresh Start Project
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This chapter outlines Fresh Start, the University of Central Lancashire's central retention project, which supports 'drop out' students in their endeavours to return to higher education at the University of Central Lancashire. For many students, the decision to leave higher education and relinquish the dream of academic success is not a simple one. The chapter discusses a number of elements that are integral to the success of the Fresh Start programme and explores the benefits to both the institution and the returning student, when stigma is removed and a second chance is offered. A Fresh Start team was established, which consists of a manager/advisor supported by an administrator. Fresh Start's strength lies in its independence from schools and faculties, freeing the team from potential bias and concerns relating to matching student numbers with programme targets. The Fresh Start initiative is built on ethical foundations of confidentiality, fidelity, beneficence and non-malevolence.