chapter  3
Transition . . . From What?
A Review of the Influences on the Choices and Expectations of Entrants to Higher Education
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The responsibility of preparing prospective students for higher education is shared between subject-based teachers and careers teachers. While the careers teacher can take a broader approach to supporting decision-making in pupils, the subject teacher has the ability to align the subject and the way it is taught with any future higher education experience. Careers teachers are a kind of personal tutor, an agent working for the pupil's best interests. Their role will involve helping the pupil to develop self-knowledge and build up a good stock of higher education/job information. Personal experience as a careers teacher would suggest that, while the present emphasis on promoting vocational relevance as a means of recruiting and retaining students is important, it is less important than strategies for enhancing students' interest in the programme content and for supporting their capacity to cope adequately with its demands.