chapter  8
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Implementing technology- facilitated collaboration and awareness in the classroom: Roles for teachers, educational researchers and technology experts


This chapter is based on the experience of implementing collaboration and awareness-oriented technologies in real classroom settings. The perspective is both comparative and integrative since the authors have been originally involved in different projects with different orientations and are now working together in a new project with a common approach. Based on these experiences over several projects, we offer insights regarding the relationship between the development and implementation of new technologies and classroom practices, or, when looking at the main actors, the interplay between teachers, educational and technology-oriented researchers. Our starting points for this discussion are three already completed projects: the NIMIS and SEED projects, conducted by the COLLIDE group of Duisburg University, and the DUNES project, headed by the Kishurim group of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Following these separate stories, we describe the Argunaut system, currently being developed by a team including both the COLLIDE and Kishurim groups. The Argunaut project has introduced a new type of teacher involvement in the design process in the form of ‘design workshops’. These have turned out to be a very promising instrument for collaboration between teachers, pedagogical experts and technicians. At the end of our chapter we try to relate our joint experience and insights within the present pedagogical research framework.