chapter  3
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Choosing the subject

Taking the first point about materials, you will probably find that certain subjects suit a particular sketching medium. For example, a highly decorative subject such as the west front of a cathedral would suit a line drawing in pen and ink, perhaps with depth being created by a sepia or grey wash to indicate shadows. The interior of the cathedral, on the other hand, may suit a charcoal drawing since the darkness and solidity of the columns, vaulting and arches could be brought out in thick, grainy lines and smudged tones. An Italian hill town may be best rendered

in watercolour as this may suit the delineation of the pink, brown and orange walls and roofs. A classical terrace by John Nash may look its best in pencil with a soft wash of cream added. A modern ‘high tech’ building such as the Lloyds Insurance offices in London or the Pompidou Centre in Paris could be tackled in pen and wash with brightly coloured felt-tip pens being used to pick out the externally placed lifts and services. Whatever materials are employed, the artist should try to establish a relationship between the qualities of the subject and the drawing medium.