chapter  2
The emergence of the Celtic languages
ByJoseph F. Eska
Pages 6

Ringe et al. (2002: 101) are non-committal as to whether Celtic and Italic formed a cohesive subgroup, usually termed ‘Italo-Celtic’, though they note that the limited evidence is fairly solid. The notion of an Italo-Celtic subgroup goes back to the midnineteenth century, but has largely been out of favour since Watkins (1966). In a masterful article, Cowgill (1970) attempted to re-establish the notion of Italo-Celtic, but few at the time were willing to be persuaded. Recent work by Jasanoff (1997) and Schrijver (2003, 2006: esp. 48-53) on the verbal system, however, in addition to that by Ringe et al. (2002), makes it seem that the prospects of Italo-Celtic as a linguistic entity are very good.