chapter  3
Continental Celtic 55 117
ByJoseph F. Eska and D. Ellis Evans 4 Early Irish David Stifter 5 Old and Middle Welsh David Willis
Pages 27

Despite the relative slimness of its corpus in comparison with that of the Insular Celtic languages, Continental Celtic has attracted the attention of leading scholars since the inception of the scientifi c study of the Celtic languages. One of the primary reasons for this, of course, is the fact that, for all of the problems that face us about the emergence of Celtic from some pre-Celtic Indo-European stratum (as well as the associated question of the relative age of Celtic), it provides the oldest evidence available to us of the early Celtic linguistic record. The early pioneers of the study of Continental Celtic, like the specialists of today, recognized that, despite the great diffi culties inherent within the subject, there are important rewards to be won.