chapter  12
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Post-theory: The eternal return of ethics in international relations

This paper consists of little more than a list and a question, and nothing less than a provocation for International Relations (IR).

First, a list of all things post. Postmodernism, postmodernity, poststructuralism. Postphilosophy, posthistoire, post-Enlightenment, post-ideology. Postbehavioralism, postpositivism, postfeminism, post-analytical. Post-realism, post-idealism, postrationalism, post-Marxism, post-international relations. Post-Fordism, postindustrialism, postcapitalism, postdevelopment, postcolonialism. Post-Cold War, post-Yalta, postwar. Postmodern architecture, postmodern film, postmodern culture, postmodern science, postmodern sportswear. Postmodernparody, pastiche, and irony, Post-modernism avant la lettre. Post-postmodernism, Post-Toasties, pre(post)erous. Post-theory. Postscript.