chapter  15
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The simulation triangle: In the simulated battle.elds of tomorrow, war has more in common with Disneyworld than the Pentagon

It originated in 1992 with the activation of STRICOM (Simulation, Training and Instrumentation Command), the newest and – as I was to find out – the most unusual command post in the military. Given the task of providing the United States Army’s “vision for the future.” STRICOM chose a bold motto to go with the command-post logo of a “land warrior” bisected by a lightening bolt in the middle of a bull’s-eye.What the phrase means, the colonel said, is “that everything short of war is simulation.” But he hastily added, “we don’t really look at it that way, because you can’t manage that properly. … When you think about it, well, it’s kind of like your love life: Everything short of it is simulation.”