chapter  5
The construction of ‘commercial innovation’
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In this chapter, I explore the formal organization discourse on innovation, and the relationship between ‘commerciality’ and ‘innovation’. I examine closer the structure of the most popular ‘innovation machine’, i.e. Eureka, an innovation mechanism that reflects clearly the discourse ‘innovation as rational planning’, the assumptions and expectations from it, and from the scientific population, who are supposed to engage with it. Ultimately, I look at the language used, which ties together innovation with ‘business profits’ and its implications. The formal – i.e. the organizational – view on innovation is presented, via the talk of the Research and Innovation Group, which was in charge to promote innovation at the Oil Products Business, and their explanation of the problems encountered in managing innovation. I take this to be the ‘formal’ view on innovation, since, like the innovation managers stressed during the interviews, the top level avoided expressing an opinion, and delegated the full responsibility of innovation to this group.