chapter  3
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Towards queer television theory: Bigger pictures sans the sweet queer-after


The aim of this chapter is to scrutinise the relationship between ‘queer’ and ‘TV’, not just between sexual dissidence, say, and popular culture but, more importantly, between this specific critical position and this specific media experience. In doing so I will map the various avenues that queer television theory might, and in some cases has begun to, take. Though influenced by work within TV studies and on debates on sexual citizenship within sociology and queer cultural commentary, this cartographic move will be informed both by queer film theory and by understandings of contemporary film cultures.1 These are, for me, inevitable springboards for the argument to follow which moves the psychodynamics of spectatorship into the home during a time of media convergence. They also, I hope, prove highly productive in not only contextualising but also politicising the subject.