chapter  4
Children’s Broadening Use of Mobile Phones
Pages 13

While the fi rst wave of youth and mobile-phone studies focused, understandably, on communications, the aim of this book is to refl ect upon ongoing, media-related innovations related to this device. The cameraphone has become increasingly ubiquitous, which has already prompted a separate strand of research.1 MP3 players on mobiles phones have become more common, as has the means to transfer fi les between mobiles phones and other devices via Bluetooth and infrared. These developments facilitate the role of the mobile phone as a digital wallet, as a digital album in relation to images, and as a digital music collection in relation to sounds. Mobile phones have increasingly been able to access the Internet and now television. Hence, at this juncture one might ask how the proliferation of media on the mobile phone has fi tted into the individual and collective lives of children and youth.