chapter  12
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Philippine and Taiwanese legal mediation

ByJames A. Wall, Wan Yan, Tsungting Chung, Daniel Druckman

Although less than 500 miles apart, the Philippines and Taiwan utilize very different community mediation systems, and in this study we explore some of these differences.

Mediation is assistance to two or more disputing parties by a third, one who typically has no authority to dictate an agreement (Kressel and Pruitt, 1985) or who has the authority but does not use it (Conlon et al., 1994). Worldwide, mediation has been applied to a wide variety of conflicts. These include mediations in international relations (e.g. Bercovitch, 1996), labor-management negotiations (e.g. Mumpower and Rohrbaugh, 1996), community disputes (e.g. Pruitt, McGillicuddy, Welton, & Fry, 1989) and school conflicts (e.g. Johnson et al., 1995).