chapter  13
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Conflict and Mediation Event Observations (CAMEO)*

An event data framework for a post-Cold War world

The Kansas Event Data System (KEDS) project develops automated natural language processing software, creates specialized event datasets on international political behavior and analyzes these data statistically. Event data – nominal or ordinal codes recording the interactions between political actors as reported in the open press – break down complex activities into a sequence of basic building blocks that can be analyzed statistically. Our machine coding systems, KEDS and TABARI, have been validated against both the textual record and human-coded events (Gerner et al., 1994; Schrodt and Gerner, 1994) and have been used by scholars looking at interactions in Northern Ireland (Thomas, 1999), the Balkans (Goldstein and Pevehouse, 1997; Pevehouse and Goldstein, 1999; Schrodt and Gerner, 2004), the Middle East (Gerner and Schrodt, 1998; Schrodt and Gerner, 1997, 2000; Goldstein et al., 2001; Schrodt, 2006; Brandt and Freeman, 2006; Schrodt and Yilmaz, 2007: Brandt et al., forthcoming), West Africa (Huxtable, 1997), Haiti (Shellman and Stewart, 2006) and the United States (Wood and Peake, 1998).