chapter  6
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Doing strategic planning differently? The Yorkshire and Humber regional spatial strategy


This chapter provides an insight into the part played by strategic spatial planning practices in the building of the English regions during the early years of the new millennium. This is undertaken through a critical analysis of the expressions given to spatiality in the preparation of a regional spatial strategy (RSS) in the Yorkshire and Humber standard region of the United Kingdom (UK), a process initiated by the 2004 Act and subsequent national guidance, Planning Policy Statement 11 (ODPM 2004).The main principles of the new arrangements were to deliver spatial policy better at the regional level by:

1 giving more weight to regional planning by replacing regional planning guidance (RPG) with a statutory RSS with which local development plans had to be in general conformity;

2 ensuring that these RSSs were produced on an inclusive basis of partnership working and community involvement;

3 making the RSS more regionally and sub-regionally specific with a focus on implementation;

4 better integrating the RSS with other regional strategies; and 5 requiring the designated regional planning body to contribute to sustainable