chapter  21
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Social Justice Education for Black Male Students in Urban Schools: Making Space for Diverse Masculinities


Urban education is the fi eld of study that focuses on teaching and learning in K-12 urban schools. The research literature on urban education has tended to focus on the problems of low-status minority groups, the complexity of urban school systems, and the fi nancing and governance of such systems (Gordon, 2003). Progressive teacher-educator Joe Kincheloe argues that

Urban education teachers and educators need a rigorous, inter/multidisciplinary understanding of urban education. They need to draw on a number of disciplines and transdisciplines such as history, cognitive studies, philosophy, political science, economics geography, and others to help them understand the complex context in which urban education takes place. In this way teachers and educators gain unique and powerful insights into research on educational policy, pedagogy, and the lives of children living in densely populated urban settings.