chapter  22
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HIV/AIDS Prevention and Sexuality Education for All Students: Critical Issues in Teaching for Social Justice


Notwithstanding many calls (e.g., Blanchett, 2000; Blanchett & Prater, 2006; Pardini, 2002-2003; Rodriguez, Young, Renfro, Asencio, & Haffner, 1996; Skripak & Summerfi eld, 1996) for all students to receive developmentally appropriate comprehensive school health education including HIV/AIDS prevention education, many students are still not consistently educated in this area, and the idea of contextualizing these issues within the larger context of social justice is even more foreign for some educators. In recent years much attention has been given to the importance of infusing social justice philosophy into education and the professional preparation of educators (Cochran-Smith, 2004; Gay, 2000; Murrell, 2006). The social justice discussions, however, have primarily centered on preparing educators to teach for social justice with little attention given to issues of sexuality. Surprisingly, despite so much emphasis having been placed on teaching for social justice since the mid-to late 1990s, rarely has the fi eld of education embraced or even recognized comprehensive school health education, including HIV/AIDS prevention and sexuality education, as critical elements in the quest to teach for social justice.