chapter  19
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Commenting on Continuity: A View from Social Psychology

O ne sense of continuity outlined in a number of these chapters is as a series of events connected over time in an unfolding narrative. It is a tribute to the editor that he has collected such a stimulating set of chapters that form such a narrative structure in this volume and I will try to do justice to this continuity in my role as discussant. This achievement is all the greater because, from my vantage point as a social psychologist, I think it is fair to say that continuity forms more of “hole in,” rather than part of the “whole of,” social psychology. Social psychologists do not traditionally do continuity. The same cannot be said for developmental psychology, and we beg their patience as we in social psychology jump on the continuity bandwagon. Theirs is moving pictures compared to our stills photography, and we also need to lay some claim to the movie rights rather than just take snapshots. This volume provides a forum for a belated attempt at catch up, and noting the bridges between our subdisciplines will be one of my objectives here.