chapter  1
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Introduction and Overview

I remember climbing, when I was a child, up the old cherry tree in my house garden to grab the juicier, redder-looking cherries. I am now an adult and left that house long ago. Besides, I do not think I could even still climb trees with such agility. Nonetheless, I have no doubt that I am the same person as that brisk and gluttonous child. What is more, I am sure that in the future-assuming I will not suffer from some serious mental illness-I will have a sense of being the same person as the one I am today. Clearly, I retain a sense that deep inside, beneath the turbulence of the surface-the alterations of my body and the constant reshuffling of my desires, aspirations, fears, sentiments, and beliefs-I am now the same sentient and living being that I was in the past and that I will be in the future. I have a clear, unmistakable sense of my own endurance through time, a sense of sameness and self continuity.