chapter  1
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Social Dilemmas, Social Values, and Ethical Judgments: Touchpoints and Touchdowns in a Distinguished Scholarly Career

ByRoderick M. Kramer, Ann E. Tenbrunsel, Max H. Bazerman

In our role as editors, we were acutely aware that sins of omission would be inevitable when trying to do justice to Dave’s notable and varied scholarly career. We are biased by our associations with Dave. Rod has known Dave the longest, meeting him in 1980 when Rod joined the doctoral program at UC-Santa Barbara. Dave introduced Rod to the study of social dilemmas, resulting in a fruitful and enduring collaboration and friendship. Max got to know Dave in the 1990s as he joined the faculty at

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Northwestern and shifted his research agenda toward the psychology of ethics. Ann’s research interest in ethics began when Dave joined the faculty in her first year of her doctoral program and the first study of her dissertation was drafted in Dave’s experimental methods class. All of us have written multiple papers with Dave, see ourselves as students of Dave’s, are friends with him, and have consumed too many bottles of wine with him (he has a habit of ordering one more bottle than others might in similar situations). And all of us have experienced moving in a new research direction, only to find that Dave was covering similar turf a decade or more earlier.