chapter  12
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School System Strategies for Supporting Data Use

ByAmanda Datnow, Vicki Park

As part of a study of data-driven decision making, we were fortunate to visit schools and districts where such practices are indeed becoming commonplace. In this chapter, we capture the work of four school systems that were identified as leaders in datadriven decision making. As we show in our case studies of these school systems, the gathering and examining of data is merely a starting point to developing a culture and system of continuous improvement that places student learning at the heart of its efforts. Our study reveals that there is not one way to be a performance-driven system. All of these schools and school systems approached data-driven decision making differently-and all achieved successes in the process. At the same time, the school systems we studied had many features in common that seem to support the effective use of data. In this chapter, we highlight the choices and tradeoffs made by these schools and school systems.