chapter  2
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Two Poems:

With“Just Like Jesus” and “Bastard”

Just like Jesus, I want nativity and childhood to be simple introductions Summarized to make way for the mythology of adulthood Evading early suffering and teen angst to grant the world peace Not only celebrated with mass spending during my supposed birth but always

I want to encourage and motivate just like JesusAn uneducated peasant with spoken word skills few academic literates could ever conquer Simply by having faith in what I say I want to arouse revolution

I want to comfort just like Jesusmake you believe there is a God above watching over us Without need for proof or scientific explanation

Just like Jesus, I want to cast out your demons and disease Cleanse your feet with mother’s tears; the scented hair of prostitutes Liberate your oppressed soul from the possession of others Bring back lost friends from their tombs

Just like Jesus, I want to create my own family and break with tradition Host gatherings and feast with sinners and whores Be a shameless pervert and deviant while indulging in the subservient role of feeding the hungry

Instead of miracles, I want to document my own history Derail power hungry men from the possibility of integrating sexism and paternalism to burden society with guilt and sin

I want to build my own cross with carpenter hands Carry it down the streets where I will be found bleeding Pierced with wounds not self-inflicted

Just like Jesus, I want to hear the voice of my father Sacrifice myself in his name-arms stretched out Bask in the brightness of stars with lifeless eyes Aware this preposterous death is not an end but a beginning Offering this body to be devoured by scavenger dogs and birds of prey a sepia toned symbol of martyrdom

I want my image captured to snatch the breath out of the oppressor’s mouth Leave them powerless to recreate my looks to frame the minds of ignorance launch crusades, sponsor slave ships and stage brutal wars while blindly following the utterance of selfish leaders

Just like Jesus, I want to be nestled half naked against your chest Sanctified, even after my time spent with over a dozen lovers Claiming your spirit when I come Baptize you with the promise of salvation

Just like Jesus, I simply want to live before I die


Heard you got knocked up and I know you don’t love him Please, don’t get wed for appearances This is why I get pissed gays can’t marry

Don’t listen to family bullshit Especially my mom’s religious hypocrisy (She didn’t even know my pop’s last name) Remember Mary was also an unwed mother Joseph wasn’t even the baby daddy She only claimed to be a virgin not to be labeled the whore she was

Shit, back then, if I were Jesus, I would’ve claimed God to be my father too