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Reclaiming the Power of Incarnation: When God’s Body Is Catholic & Queer (with a cunt!)

Born lesbian, baptized Catholic, brokered in and through a body sexually abused as a child, embedded God into my flesh in an erotics of pain, pleasure, and powerful persuasion. I am constituted by all three core bodily realities. Imagine my surprise to be claimed and called by God into a church that scorns the female, rejects the lesbian, and resists the holiness of creation-in-cunt. Yes, cunt, my most visceral place of losing and loving God. When I dig deep into the depths of who I am as queer and Catholic with a cunt, I find thick, ancient, gnarled roots, each one grafted onto another, all distinct, yet forming one solid manifestation of me, all defining me in flesh as Catholic. And that flesh, with all its roots, I know, is my hinge, both opening and closing into salvation.