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Excerpts from the Journal of a Canonical Bastard

Amie M. Evans is a widely published, creative nonfiction and literary erotica writer, experienced workshop provider, and a retired burlesque and high-femme drag performer. Her short stories and essays have appeared most recently in Entangled Lives: Erotic Memoirs; Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2006; Show and Tell; Call of the Dark; 2006 Lambda Literary Award nominated Rode Hard and Put Away Wet; Best of the Best of Lesbian Erotica 2; and Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2005. She also writes gay male erotica under a pen name. Evans is on the board of directors for Saints and Sinners GLBTQ literary festival. She graduated Magna cum Laude from the University of Pittsburgh with a BA in literature and is currently working on her MLA at Harvard. She is the author of “Two Girls Kissing,” a column on writing lesbian erotica, which can be found at www and is co-author of a writing tips column, “Unsolicited Advice,” with Toni Amato, which can be found at www.sasfest .org. She can be reached at [email protected] Trebor Healey is the recipient of the 2004 Ferro-Grumley and Violet Quill awards for his first novel, Through It Came Bright Colors (The Haworth Press), and is also the author of five poetry chapbooks and a collection of poems, Sweet Son of Pan. His short fiction and poetry have appeared in numerous journals, ’zines, anthologies, and reviews, including The Chiron Review; Long Shot; The James White Review; Van Gogh’s Ear; Holy Titclamps; The Lodestar Quarterly; The Blithe House Quarterly;; Ashe!; Queer Dharma; Signs of Life; When I Knew; Quickies 3; M2M; Wilma Loves Betty; Out of Control; Pills, Thrills, Chills and Heartache; Skin and Ink; Best Gay Erotica 2003, 2004, 2006; Best Gay Erotic 2; and Best American Erotica 2007. Healey wrote a hit single for the Homocore punk band, Pansy Division, and was awarded a writing residency at the Morris Graves Foundation in 2004. He lives in Los Angeles.