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Austin J. Austin is like a virgin in the way that abstinence is like a circuit fisting party. Austin, a sick(ly) pervert, writes to examine intersections of illness, wellness, world, and body. A fat fuck and kinktastic queer, Austin’s been an independent sex industrialist (focusing on phone and pro-Dommeing), and a recovering Catholic (complete with Jesus fetish and Holy Water collection) for over a decade. Austin and partner head Acsex (, helping to make sex accessible for folks all along the disability spectrum. Visit Austin on the Web: A. Lizbeth Babcock lives in Toronto and has done extensive work in the queer community, including counseling students in Canada’s only alternative school program for LGBTQ youth. She left the Catholic school system at age 16 to attend an alternative arts program where she met teachers who encouraged her creativity, fostered the development of her queer identity, and changed her life forever. Her work has also appeared in Best Lesbian Erotica 2007. Helen Boyd is the author of My Husband Betty (Thunder’s Mouth, 2004) and She’s Not the Man I Married (Seal Press, 2007). She lives with her partner Betty in Brooklyn, and her blog (en)gender can be found at She grew up in a parish run by Jesuits, which may account for her impertinence. Pansy Bradshaw works full time as a nanny in Dillon, Montana. coauthor of “Betty & Pansy’s severe queer review of San Franciso” he is also the author of numerous poems, articles and short stories many of which are in the possession of the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. He is a regular presenter for the religious studies seminar at the University of Montana western. He also serves as chaplain for home health & hospice at Barrett Hospital. He wears pearls with plaid.