chapter  13
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Methodology in Alpine and Nordic skiing biomechanics

ByHermann Schwameder, Erich Müller, Thomas Stöggl, Stefan Lindinger

Alpine skiing, ski jumping and cross country skiing are outdoor sports typically performed on natural or artificial snow. The literature review shows that in all three disciplines many studies on biomechanical issues have been performed and published. However, due to the challenge of data collection in the field and the time-consuming data processing, several biomechanically based aspects have not yet been answered. Additionally, biomechanical field studies in Alpine and Nordic skiing have to withstand the large spatial range, exposed field conditions, low temperature, existence of appropriate measuring equipment (lightweight, mobile, temperature and moisture resistant), etc. Several research groups have developed specific and appropriate measuring devices as well as sophisticated methods for data analysis. Further developments and improvements are necessary to answer the research questions in Alpine and Nordic Skiing that are yet to be addressed.