chapter  23
Key aspects of teaching and learning: Enhancing learning in legal education
WithTracey Varnava, Julian Webb
Pages 19

This chapter is intended to encourage the use of pedagogical approaches that will underpin and develop student learning in law. The subject matter itself is a rich source of material and ideas, as an intrinsic and influential thread running through the fabric of everyday life. Law both shapes and reflects societal rules, norms and values. The boundaries of the discipline are, perhaps increasingly, indistinct, drawing, for example, on philosophy, politics, sociology and economics. This porosity affords plenty of scope to move beyond a narrow construction of the curriculum to a wider consideration of the place and status of law in society. One of the first challenges for the teacher is therefore to articulate through the syllabus a conception of law which takes students beyond their own assumptions about the parameters of the subject. A broader vision not only opens up new vistas for exploration but also offers exciting possibilities for enhancing learning. This chapter aims to outline some ideas and suggestions as to how this might be achieved.