chapter  19
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Online Tongzhi? Subcultural Practices in the Gay and Lesbian Community of Spiteful Tots


Lesbian, gay, and queer (LGQ) cultures in Taiwan fi rst came into public view in the 1990s.2 Since then, LGQ cultures in Taiwan have been greatly facilitated by the fast development of information and communication technology (ICT), particularly that of the Internet.3 The surfacing of these cultures was concomitant with developments in late capitalism, consumer culture, and (urban) mobility.4 Forces of urbanization and capitalist productionboth developments can be argued to be based on Western models-favored a sense of liberalism and popularized Internet technology in Taiwan, making different forms of public discussions about homosexuality possible. With the help of the near-ubiquitous availability of computing and networked computers, LGQ cultures thus gained some visibility in public spheres, and were no longer hidden, criminalized, or blatantly pathologized.