chapter  3
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An Assessment Paradigm for Fathers and Men in Therapy Using Gender Role Conflict Theory

WithJames M. O’Neil and Melissa L. Luján

Over the last four decades, the patriarchal system was weakened by more robust definitions of fathering. Narrow definitions of fathering came under scrutiny, and inaccurate stereotypes were exposed. The stereotype that only women can effectively nurture children has been challenged and debunked. This sexist stereotype devalues men and deprives children of fathers’ significant contributions to their human development. Redefining fathering to include the emotional, psychological, and spiritual development of children is one of the most significant outcomes of the feminist and men’s movements. The redefinition of fathering holds promise for more functional families and more satisfying family roles for men. New definitions of fathering can also have gender role implications when working with men during therapy.