chapter  5
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Working With Asian American Fathers

WithAtsuko Seto, Kent W. Becker, Nirupma Narang

Pradeep is an Asian Indian American and a father of two adolescents. His 20-year-old daughter is an aspiring journalism student who hopes to empower women through her writing. His 14-year-old son is a freshman in high school, talented in computer technology, and loves to play

football and tennis. As a father, Pradeep hopes his children will be grounded in Indian cultural values while also embracing their bicultural identity and exploring their own interests. Oftentimes, Asian American fathers are portrayed as “distant fathers” who are less involved in the lives of their children. However, these fathers deeply love their children and desire to have a close father-child relationship. Pradeep’s poem illustrates his strong yearning to guide his children to become compassionate human beings while also fostering unbreakable multigenerational family bonds. His voice is a testimony to how Asian American fathers genuinely care about their families.