chapter  6
Gaining Your Child’s Respect
Pages 24

Whether you realize it or not, this is the chapter you’ve been waiting for. You are fi nally going to learn the next step in limitsetting, called choice-giving.1 I’m sure you’ve done some version of choice-giving, but you might have left out one of the steps that make it work. Choice-giving has been likened to a magic potion by parents, because it is so eff ective in changing their children’s and their own behavior. Like any magic potion, though, you have to stick to the recipe or it won’t work. Remember those cartoons where the wizard would substitute a frog’s ear for a toad’s hair and would get something he didn’t bargain for? Choice-giving is the same way. You must follow the rules of choice-giving exactly or it won’t work. Finish the entire chapter, practice the exercises, and give your child a choice a week for four weeks before you decide if it works or not.