chapter  5
Integration of Women Into the Modern Military
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Historically, the military has had a wavering relationship with women, building up their numbers in times of need and then reducing or eliminating them when peace resumed (omas, 1994); however, the civil rights movement, the end of the dra, the proven meritorious service of military women, and the lack of clear battle lines in modern warfare have changed this. Women are no longer serving behind the front line. ey are becoming increasingly integrated into combat roles, and the proportion of the military that is female is rising steadily. e notion of living and surviving in harm’s way is a dynamic

one, and one that is fundamentally dierent for female service members as compared to their male counterparts. is chapter addresses the evolution of women’s ongoing integration into the military, the arguments for and against women’s service in the military, and the unique diculties women face as they serve their country.