chapter  6
Military Stress: Eects of Acute, Chronic, and Traumatic Stress on Mental and Physical Health
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Stress is a common part of military life. Although combat is oen the rst stressor that comes to mind in terms of military stressors, service members may experience many other conditions of stress, including high work demands and family separations due to deployment (Bartone, 2006). While some military personnel suer from physical and mental health problems related to the stress of military life, many other military members show a high resiliency to stress (Bonanno, 2004). In this chapter, we provide a description of the dierent types of stressors that military personnel are exposed to in

their profession. In the rst section, we begin with a description of dierent classes of stressors (i.e., acute, chronic, traumatic) and focus on how individuals, and specically military personnel, respond to these stressors. e next section provides an overview of the mental and physical health consequences of stress. In the third section, we describe the various types of stressors that are common to military personnel and provide an overview of research ndings on the consequences of these stressors in terms of life functioning and mental health for military members. Finally, we discuss other important factors that may inuence how military members respond to stress.