chapter  28
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Comparison of the average game playing time in different scoring systems in badminton L. PETRINOVIC´-ZEKAN, Zˇ. PEDISˇIC´, D. CILIGA AND M. KONDRICˇ

There are a few sports, and badminton is one of them, that are interesting to watch and play but are nevertheless underrated in worldwide TV coverage. Despite the well known popularity of badminton, it is very rarely on TV channels. One of the reasons was that long games with many rallies would be interesting to an expert but not to an ordinary TV audience. Furthermore, long playing time, without many breaks, is challanging for the players and also very unpopular for sponsors who would like their commercials to be seen between games. The duration of the games is not easily predictable and live telecasts are notoriously hard to schedule.